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Tmax Fabrics Insulation

  • Recognized world-wide as specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal and acoustic insulation systems for engine compartments and exhaust gas systems, large and small diesel, petrol, fuel cell and electric power systems
  • Tmax insulation solutions for stationary fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines (HICE) increase process efficiency and minimize heat loss
  • Comprehensive Engineering Services right from prototype to delivery of the products
  • High resistance to vibration
  • Improved thermal and acoustic screening
  • We are certified to all relevant standards DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 3834, IATF 16949

Tmax Fabrics Insulation

Insulations made of textile fabrics are removable and reusable insulation systems. The flexible material allows special geometries. With variable insulation fillings all kind of temperature differentials can be met. Due to the flexible appearance this type of insulation allows an easy access for repair and maintenance of the insulated part.

Benefits of Working with Tmax Group

  • Tmax insulation solutions for stationary fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines (HICE) increase system efficiency and minimize heat loss for working temperature between 500-1,000°C.
  • Our solutions require minimal space and are suitable for simple and complex shapes.
  • With our ultra-thin and lightweight insulation materials we ensure full design flexibility.
  • Unique solutions, tailored to the respective customer requirements are developed in in-house research and test laboratories with ingenious engineering capabilities, continuous investment in new production technologies
  • Our insulation provides protection of humans and machines

Technical Services offered by Tmax Group

  • Comprehensive Engineering Services right from prototype to delivery of the product
  • Development of high quality prototypes
  • Insulations for products in serial production and assembly line for complete insulation of systems, including encapsulations
  • Thermal Insulation for Hydrogen based systems and products of any category

Application Areas

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Electrolysis Cells (SOEC)
  • Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC)
  • Balance of plant
  • Reformers
  • Exhaust systems, turbo chargers, piping for hydrogen engines
  • Effective protection for fuel cell systems

Technical Features of Textile

  • High Resistance to Vibration
  • Improved thermal and acoustic screening
  • Easily removed and refitted
  • Alternative to shields made of stainless steel or foil

Benefits of Tmax Insulation for Hydrogen Based Systems

  • Increased efficiency in hydrogen combustion engines
  • Higher exhaust temperature
  • Higher torque in low RPM range
  • Effective protection of fuel cells
  • Efficient heat protection for surrounding components
  • Higher service life of systems and components
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

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  • We are highly specialized company with all the know how engineering skills and in house facilities required to bring the best product


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    tmax Germany GmbH

    tmax is a company from Mannheim, Germany, that focuses on the insulation of components in the high temperature range (>500° C) since 1976. Our solutions are used in industries like Marine, Power Gen, Automotive, Truck & Bus and Agri. Our customers are the top companies in these industry segments. Please find more information about us under

    Our core competencies are the development and manufacturing of high temperature insulation solutions made of textile fabrics, stainless steel foil and sheets. Of course, a mixture of all three solutions is possible. Functionality is our priority.

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