Oil Mist Separators for Hydrogen Applications – Contec

by Contec Filtration

  • Efficient filtration on lubrication oil systems of large rotary machines such as hydrogen compressors
  • Low-emission classification – 99.98% filter efficiency
  • Oil mist separators with low maintenance effort and costs
  • Certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU for explosion protection (Zone 1 and Zone2)
  • Operating pressure: max. -0.2 to 0 bar
  • Operating temperature: max. 60 °C
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Oil Mist Separators for Hydrogen Applications – Contec

  • The oil mist separator essentially consists of the side channel compressor and the filter housing with filter elements.
  • It prevents leaks and oil mist escaping from bearing points, shaft feed-throughs and crankshaft ventilation passages.
  • The filter element’s long service life and the automatic oil return mean very low maintenance.
  • The core of the COMS (Contec oil mist separator) is the specially developed glass fiber filter elements.
  • Our oil mist separators have been awarded the environmental technology prize.
  • The very compact design of Contec oil mist separators allows them to be used even under difficult installation conditions where space is tight.
  • 99.98% of all oil droplets are separated from the air. The same is true of contamination particles.
  • The exhaust air thus filtered is absolutely dry and clean and can remain in the factory without hazard. Levels of contamination are far below the TA Luft limits.
  • The quick-connect fasteners on the cover, or the swiveling cover (optional), make the filter elements quick and easy to replace.
  • The filter elements used in Contec oil mist separators (COMS) are developed specifically for cleaning oily gases in the exhaust air of rotating machinery.
  • It is just here that high-performance filters with fiberglass fleece elements have proven themselves.
  • The filter elements are disposable.
  • They deliver exceptional filtration efficiency with low pressure losses.
  • The two-layer design consists of an integrated supporting inner layer between two bound outer layers.
  • This design has outstanding burst strength, optimizes droplet coalescence and guarantees consistently high oil aerosol separation.
  • Since the filter elements consist of multiple layers, they prevent oil mist that has already been extracted by the elements from being blown back.
  • The inorganic filter element composition is completely inert to all lubricants and practically resistant to all chemicals used in such machines as wheel gears, gas and steam turbines, turbo engines and compressors.
  • The filter elements are 99.98% efficient for droplets of up to 0.1 μm, so they make the air much cleaner than the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) prescribe.
  • Contec Oil Mist Separators offers:
    • Standard and special designs:
      • Contec has developed a standard range of oil mist separators (COMS) with an eye to economy.
      • The systems can be expanded to adapt to the performance requirements of the applications.
      • Frequent special cases, such as explosion protection, fresh air supply and redundancy can also be provided for from the modular system.
    • With compressed-air drive/vacuum generator:
      • These special oil mist separators are equipped with a compressed air connection that uses a pneumatic vacuum generator to create constant negative pressure in the system.
      • The conventional oil mist separator’s side channel compressor, including motor and electrical connection, is eliminated.
      • These systems are suitable to explosion-proof areas.
  • The CONTEC oil mist separators are delivered completely ready for operation with:
    • 1 set of filter elements
    • Negative pressure gauge
    • Ball valve for vacuum regulation
    • Intake filter
    • Oil sight glass
  • CONTEC oil mist separators also offers:
    • Ex/ATEX
    • Redundant variants (2 x 100 %)
    • Integrated bypass
    • Foreign air bypass
    • Series without blower
    • Adapter flange tube for internal oil recirculation
Oil Mist Separators for Hydrogen Applications - Contec_5
Different types of Oil mist separators


  • Housing: Ø 271 x 400 mm
  • Suction pipe: 200 mm
  • Intake flange: DN 65 PN 16 or 3″ ANSI 150 lbs RF
  • Outlet: 1″ pipe socket with IT, DN 25 PN 16 or 1″ ANSI 150 lbs RF
  • Weight: approx. 30 kg
  • Operating pressure: max. -0.2 to 0 bar
  • Operating temperature: max. 60 °C


  • Housing: Steel S235JR, completely galvanized, outside painted or made of 316/316L stainless steel, glass bead blasted or painted
  • Inner parts: Aluminum, non- ferrous metal or stainless steel

Key features

  • Almost 100% of lubricating oil, including additives, are recovered
  • Low-emission classification – 99.98% filter efficiency
  • Ensuring operational reliability and process availability for lubrication oil systems
  • Industrial quality made in Germany
  • Service-friendly design – simple filter replacement
  • Low maintenance effort and costs
  • Certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU for explosion protection
  • Validated according to ISO 12500-1:2007
  • Guaranteed global spare and wear part procurement in more than 50 years of experience
  • Project-related planning, design, and development
  • Inventor of oil mist separator technology
  • Received the German Environmental Prize

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Application areas

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Turbo-compressors
  • Large-scale compressors

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