Multilevel Highspeed Inverter MLI 110 1.1

by BorgWarner Engineering Services Switzerland AG

  • Multilevel Highspeed Inverter MLI 110 1.1 has DC supply voltage up to 800 VDC
  • Our inverter was developed for fuel cell air compressors and electric turbochargers
  • Nominal phase current up to 110 ARMS
  • Stator frequency up to 2,500 Hz
  • PWM switching frequency up to 35kHz
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Multilevel Highspeed Inverter MLI 110 1.1 descriptions

  • Turbo speed and system costs under control. Our multi-level technology enables us to keep very high motor and generator speeds of up to 150,000 rpm safely under control.
  • The control technique and high PWM frequencies reached result in considerably lower rotor losses in the electrical machine, thus leading to a significant reduction in system costs.
  • Multilevel Highspeed Inverter family undergoes double inspection in the production.

Key features

  • Multilevel Highspeed Inverter MLI 110 1.1 has compact design
  • High power density
  • Liquid-cooled, inlet temperature < 60°C (under full load conditions)
  • Interface to higher-level control system (CAN open/J1939)
  • Field-proven sensorless speed and torque control
  • Temperature monitoring interface
  • Motor position interface
  • Digital Signal Processor with high control performance
  • Integrated EMI filter
  • DC voltage measurement and supervision
  • Three phase current measurements
  • Three phase voltage measurements
  • IP67 enclosure

MLI Technology

Drivetech MLI Technology

  • Drivetek has been applying multilevel technology to high-speed inverters (MLI) for e-motors spinning up to 180’000rpm since 2012. MLIs are used for air compressors, electric turbochargers and heat recovery applications
  • MLI technology provide cost advantage using standard IGBTs
  • Through the high PWM frequency and additional voltage level, lower pulsations of the magnetic field can be achieved, this leads to significantly lower rotor losses (eddy currents)
  • Due to the series connection of the switches, the voltage on each switch is only half of the DC Link voltage (e.g. 900V DC Link can be realized using a 600V class IGBT)
  • Multilevel technology allows significantly more complex control and error handling than 2-level architectures such: a) additional degrees of freedom, b) avoid “dangerous” power-off states in case of errors and c) control of the “N” point
  • To date, Drivetek has delivered several thousand units for a wide range of mobile fuel cell applications worldwide.
  • Drivetek has implemented all the tools to safely control multilevel inverters.
  • Drivetek’s proprietary QUASAR SW platform and Q-Control SW allow more than 300 parameters to be managed freely.

Application areas

  • MLI is developed for fuel cell air compressors and electric turbochargers
  • Cars
  • Industries
  • Electrical Grid connection

We include state of art testing in our production processes

  • Incoming inspection
  • Automated PCB function testing, more than 100 tests, 100% test coverage
  • Thermal burn-in test
  • SW Programming
  • EOL test

Electrical interfaces

Drivetek Multilevel Inverter MLI 110 1.1 Electrical Interfaces


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Weight7 kg
Dimensions40 × 27 × 7.7 cm
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