Converter CC-3001

  • Converter CC-3001 for driving ultra-high-speed turbo compressors in fuel cell systems
  • Operation of turbo compressor from wide input voltage range (400 – 750 VDC)
  • Rated output power: 21 kW
  • Sensorless speed control up to 130,000 rpm
  • Low voltage power input (8 – 32 VDC) for control
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Celeroton Converters

  • All our converters allow sensorless control of turbo compressors and motors up to the highest speeds.
  • The solution from one single source guarantees optimal compatibility of the converters and the turbo compressors and motors, thus minimizing losses in the turbo compressor or motor and ensuring high converter efficiency and a smooth startup process.
  • Matching the modulation and control to our own motors and turbo compressors, your permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) or your brushless DC motor (BLDC) guarantees maximum performance in the converter and minimal losses in the motor, especially in the rotor.
  • The proprietary sensorless control strategies enable speed control without encoders or Hall sensors.
  • The converter software makes it possible to diagnose the compressor and monitor the condition of the gas bearing as well as providing various application-specific functions.

Key benefits

Converter for driving ultra-high-speed turbo compressors in fuel cells systems.

  • Operation of turbo compressor from wide input voltage range (400 – 750 VDC)
  • Rated output power: 21 kW
  • Sensorless speed control up to 130,000 rpm
  • Galvanic separation between high and low voltage input

Our converter works best with our compressor CT-3000 / CT-3001


Compressor CT-3000


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Weight15.8 kg
Dimensions43 × 24.8 × 9.4 cm
Max Output Voltage (in V)

Min Input Voltage (in V)

Type of input current

Electronic Control Interface

, ,

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Max Power (in kW)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)


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Datasheet Celeroton Converter CC 3001

Datasheet with technical specifications

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    Celeroton AG

    We reduce volume and weight with high rotational speed. Celeroton is a world leading supplier of gas-bearing turbo compressors. We are a system provider for compressors including converters for fuel cells.

    Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors with contact-free and oil-free gas bearings enable outstanding solutions in terms of compactness, service life and performance. Compared to compressors with standard speeds, our systems are significantly lighter and smaller as well as extremely efficient.

    With all system expertise under one roof, Celeroton connects all interdisciplinary technology areas to create one functioning and optimized overall system.

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