Jumbo Hydrogen Cylinder 2210 L 250 bar (WGS-559-2210-25I)

by Qingdao Sino energy tech Co.,Ltd,

  • This jumbo hydrogen cylinder has a volume of 2210 liter and a cylinder wall thickness of 18.4 mm
  • ISO 11120-2015 standards with TPED/PED instructions
  • Type-1 cylinder made of 4130X material, economic and reliable
  • Gas tightness and hydrostatic test qualified before delivery
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Jumbo Hydrogen Cylinder 2210 L (WGS-559-2210-25I)

  • Jumbo hydrogen cylinders can store and transport industrial H2, CNG, N2, and helium; they are designed, manufactured, inspected, and accepted according to ISO11120 Cylinder-design, structure and test of seamless and reusable steel tube with a capacity between 150 L to 3000 L.
  • Hydrogen storage at 250 bar
  • Assembly to a hydrogen cylinder cascade or bundle
  • Using for hydrogen buffer tank at hydrogen filling station

Key features

  • Gas cylinders comply with international standards and TPED or PED instructions, and meet the requirements of many countries
  • The raw materials of gas cylinders are high-quality steel provided by internationally certified steel manufacturers to ensure stable quality at the source
  • During the production of gas cylinders, raw material UT, UT after heat treatment, hydraulic pressure, hardness, and other multiple inspection processes are used to strictly control the quality.
  • The tensile strength, yield strength, corrosion allowance, straightness, and other indicators of the gas cylinder are higher than the standard requirements.
  • Cylinder certification: Bureau Veritas(China), TUV, and Technická inšpekcia, a. s.

Jumbo hydrogen cylinder mountings and connections

Jumbo Hydrogen Cylinder Mounting Jumbo Hydrogen Cylinder connection

Application areas

  • Hydrogen refueling station
  • Hydrogen generator
  • Other areas, where hydrogen storage is required
  • For transportation from the mother station/reserve to the daughter station
  • For transportation to places where pipeline network hasn’t been built and where existing distribution system can’t reach

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Weight2769 kg
Dimensions1097.5 cm
Type of Tank

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Jumbo Hydrogen Cylinder 200 and 250 bar

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      Qingdao Sino energy tech Co.,Ltd,

      Qingdao Sino energy tech Co.,Ltd, founded on April 28, 2012, is a central subsidiary enterprise of China Energy department, committed to contributing to the development of global clean energy industry.
      As a professional cylinder/tank manufacturer, Qingdao Sino energy tech Co.,Ltd, provides hydrogen cylinder basis on ISO 11120-2015 standards and also can provide hydrogen MEGC. The cylinder follows PED/TEPD instructions and MEGC can issue ADR certifications.

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