Hydrogen Refueling Data Interface (RDI Tx and RDI ECU)

by HOERBIGER Elektronik GmbH

  • Reliable refueling process due to optically exchanged information
  • Our hydrogen refueling data interface enables fast refueling within three minutes
  • E1 (ECE R10) Certification of German Federal Motor Transport Authority
  • EN 60079-0, -11, -18
  • SAE J2799 and Ex ib IIC T1 / Ex mb IIC T1
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Hydrogen Refueling Data Interface (RDI Tx and RDI ECU)

  • Our RDI system ensures reliable, fast and efficient refueling of hydrogen. It provides a hydrogen fueled surface vehicle with the capability to send data to a hydrogen filling station during refueling via an infrared communication link. It fulfills SAE J2799. Information like receptacle type, tank volume, measured pressure and temperature etc. is transmitted unidirectional from the vehicle to the station.
  • The main purpose of the RDI system is to facilitate for the filling station to fill the hydrogen storage tank of the vehicle in about three minutes to the nominal pressure of the tank in a safe way and without the temperature of the gas in the storage tank getting too hot.
  • The vehicle side RDI-system consists of two parts: the infrared transmitter with cable (Tx) and the infrared electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU is the gateway to the CAN communication network and provides the transformation from CAN data to electrical IrDA format. Furthermore, the ECU has a safety barrier to limit the electrical power in the Tx (Ex proof).
  • By supporting all relevant standards as well as the robust design, the HOERBIGER RDI is already used in cars, trucks or trains.
  • With the help of the communication via infrared to the filling station, the station knows at any time about the status of the tank system in the vehicle and can control the refueling process accordingly. This leads to efficient refueling (State of Charge over 95%) and a shorter refueling time (5kg under 3 minutes).
  • HOERBIGER offers different versions and responds to the wishes of the customers.



  • Programmed Control Unit
  • Intrinsic Safety Barrier (acc. to ATEX / IECEx, not certified)
  • CAN Interface
  • IP 5K2


  • IR transmitter module
  • electrical IrDA pulses according to SAE J2799
  • IP 6K6K and IP 6K9K

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  • HOERBIGER offers different versions and responds to the wishes of the customers.
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Hoerbiger hydrogen RDI

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