Hydrogen Defueling Nozzle TK6 H₂ without Venting Valve

by WEH GmbH Gas Technology

  • Hydrogen defueling nozzle discharges through the filling receptacle
  • Knurled spindle actuation
  • Only for WEH® Receptacle TN1 H₂ (without filter)
  • Plastic thermal protection
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Hydrogen defueling nozzle TK6 H₂ without venting valve

  • Cars running on hydrogen have to be serviced and checked regularly, a process involving the discharge of their pressurized fuel tanks. The WEH® TK6 H₂ defueling nozzle with venting valve has been designed for this specific purpose.
  • The defueling nozzle is simply engaged onto the receptacle of the cars and the knurled spindle fully turned until the receptacle is fully open. Discharge can now take place through the lateral media discharge vent.

Key features

  • Reusable without factory repair
  • 35 MPa pressure range
  • Service / maintenance directly from the manufacturer
  • Material is corrosion resistant
  • Sealing material is hydrogen compatible
  • Design
    • With plastic thermal protection, opening spindle and with or without venting valve
    • With venting valve

Applcation areas

  • Hydrogen defueling nozzle with venting valve for discharging of hydrogen fuel tanks of cars through the filling receptacle. Only to be used with WEH® TN1 H₂ receptacles without a filter. Operation only by specially trained personnel. Not for self-service operation!!

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Weight1.2 kg
Nom. Oper. Pressure (in bar)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Hydrogen Defueling Nozzle TK6 H₂ without Venting Valve Datasheet

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