Hydrogen Blower MINK MH 0018 A

  • Specially designed hydrogen blower for fuel cells.
  • MH0018 is usually used for stacks until 45 kW with an isentropic efficiency of 70-75%.
  • Hydrogen-approved by SGS-TÜV
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Operation under extreme temperature conditions
  • Dry and contact-free operating principle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Variable speed drive
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Reliable Hydrogen Recirculation Even Under Extreme Conditions

  • Carbon dioxide emissions will have to be further reduced in the coming decades. In order to achieve the target set by the EU and G8, emission-free mobility needs to be promoted. Fuel cells are an excellent solution for the green transport of the future.
  • Busch has developed the key solution for fuel cells: MINK MH – the first hydrogen-approved claw compressor worldwide.
  • This hydrogen blower is specially developed for the recirculation of hydrogen in fuel cells. It is resistant to severe vibration levels and may be operated under extreme temperature conditions, between -30°C and +95°C.
  • All components are mounted in one unit. This “all-in-one” design leads to a very small footprint making the Mink MH the optimum solution for every fuel cell.
  • Its compression is contact-free and completely dry. This means that no operating fluids are present in the compression chamber. None of the internal moving parts of the compressor come in contact with each other. Components are not subject to wear and servicing tasks are eliminated completely.
  • An integrated variable speed drive allows the volume flow to be altered dynamically. This means, that the Mink MH always operates within the most efficient output range. The volume flow remains constant throughout the entire life cycle of Mink MH compressors.
  • The CAN communication system permits parameters such as rotational speed and power consumption to be permanently recorded and controlled.



Application areas for the hydrogen blower

  • Transportation: automotive, rail, maritime, aviation
  • Stationary: electricity generation

Operating principal in a fuel cell system

  • In a fuel cell, a combination of hydrogen (coming from the tank) and oxygen (from the air) produces electricity, heat and water as a by-product.
  • A fuel cell consists of two electrodes, an anode and a cathode. A membrane separates them from each other and is responsible for the ion transport.Operating rinciple of hydrogen blower in a fuel cell
  • Hydrogen is supplied on the anode side, oxygen on the cathode side. The hydrogen molecules are split into protons and electrons.
  • The hydrogen protons diffuse through the membrane to the cathode, where they react with the oxygen to form water, thereby releasing energy.
  • It is important that oxygen does not diffuse into the hydrogen loop to prevent explosive conditions. Therefore, hydrogen is injected in a higher quantity. This excess hydrogen shall not be released to the atmosphere because of legal regulations and efficiency reasons.
  • The solution is to recirculate it back to the system inlet. For that purpose, our MINK MH claw compressor comes into operation. It has been specially developed for the recirculation of excess hydrogen in fuel cells and is hydrogen-approved by TÜV Saar.

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