Thermo-X™ Shell and Tube Plastic Heat Exchangers for Fluid Temperature Management

by ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH

  • Thermo-X™ shell and tube plastic heat exchangers are corrosion free and can be used in hydrogen systems
  • Chemical, alkali and acid resistant
  • 100% media-tight, completely welded from one material
  • Precise temperature control
  • High pressure resistance
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Thermo-X™ Shell and Tube Plastic Heat Exchangers

  • Our Thermo-X™ shell and tube heat exchanger for demanding processes which require precise managed fluid temperature combining the highest level of purity.
  • The Thermo-X™ shell and tube heat exchanger made from PFA is the best choice for controlled heating or cooling of ultrapure water, corrosive chemicals and acids which are used in hydrogen applications, electronic industry as well as in the semiconductor industry.
  • Depending on the application and the process data (temperatures, used media) the material Moldflon™-PVDF presents a cost efficient alternative to Moldflon™-PFA in the fuel cell industry.
  • Further Moldflon™ materials like ECTFE or PP are also available.

Key features

  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Higher corrosion resistant than most metals
  • Precise temperature control in demanding environments
  • Suitable for high purity applications, e.g. laboratory, analytics
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Long lifetime. More durable than heat exchangers made of glass
  • Designed according to technical guidelines of ASME
  • Perfect fit for minimum space requirements
  • Short delivery times

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  • Shell and tube heat exchanger made of pure Moldflon™-PFA or Moldflon™-PVDF
  • Available in two versions with 0.3m² [3.2ft²] and 0.8m² [8.6ft²] heat exchange area
  • Operation in counter flow and parallel flow possible
  • Available with flare ¾” or SUPER-300 type PILLAR fitting™*
  • The 0.3m² [3.2ft²] version is available with connections on the same side (U-shape)
  • The 0.8 m² [8.6ft²] version is available in U-shape as well as in S-Shape (one connection on the opposite side)
  • Application specific dimensions and designs upon request.

Application areas

  • Laboratory application: heating or cooling of biochemical fluids
  • Ultra-pure water applications
  • Thermo management in hydrogen systems, e.g. AEL, PEM or AEM water  electrolyser systems

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*SUPER-300 type PILLAR fitting™ is a registered trademark of NIPPON PILLAR PACKING CO., LTD

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Thermo-XTM Shell and Tube Plastic Heat Exchangers

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      Innovations in high-performance plastics - for over 50 years, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics has been one of the technology leaders for seals, engineering design elements, assemblies and modules. At ElringKlinger, innovation always starts with the material. Due to in-house materials development and compounding, Polytetraflon™-PTFE materials and Moldflon™-thermoplastic materials can be customized. Optimal performance for our customers is achieved not only by means of component optimizations using the Finite Elements Method (FEA) but also by selecting suitable materials.

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