Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchanger Model HHX-1000

by Kelvion Thermal Solutions SAS

  • Standardized design, delivery from stock.
  • Compact solution fitting inside dispenser unit.
  • Compliant with SEA J6201 and PV codes (ASME U-stamp, PED, UKCA).
  • Back-to-back filling at hydrogen refueling stations.
  • Diffusion bonded heat exchanger with efficient precooling.
  • Many references in Europe and United States.
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K°BOND diffusion bonded heat exchanger model HHX-1000 (passenger cars)

  • K°BOND model HHX-1000 standardized for passenger cars filling.
  • For Heavy Duty Vehicles, the bigger model HHX-2000 shall be used.
  • Many references in Europe and United States
  • Up to 6 times smaller than conventional shell and tube heat exchanger.

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Key features

  • Filling protocol T40 as described in SAE J2601.
  • Suitable for 350 Bar (H35) and for 700 Bar (H70) pre-cooling
  • High pressure hydrogen precooling
  • Ultra-compact and fits inside the dispenser unit
  • Fast delivery from stock
  • Suitable for a wide range of cooling media, such as water/glycol, Therminol D12, Fragoltherm and evaporating CO2
  • T40 pre-cooler fast back-to-back filling for commercial refuel stations
  • High quality, standardized design Fast delivery from stock Compact, fits inside dispenser unit


  • Hydrogen refueling stations
  • Hydrogen compression inter and aftercooler
  • Gas compression
  • Liquid hydrogen evaporation
  • Supercritical CO2
  • Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES)

Use cases

  • Total Gas Mobilitiy
  • Swiss Low-Cost Hydrogen Refuelling Station (LCHRS)

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Technical Datasheet

Technical Datasheet - HHK1000-Kelvion

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