Air Cooled Fuel Cell Stack Module X5

by TerraLIX

  • High rated power with maximum continuous power rating of 4.5 kW
  • Peak power is 5.7 kW without battery
  • This air cooled fuel cell stack module is ultra-thin and ultra-light  
  • High reliability and system power density 
  • PEM fuel cells for real world applications like UAV, UAM, marine vessels and specialised vehicles
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Air cooled fuel cell stack module X5

  • TerraLIX provides a unique power module to extend flight times to UAVs presently constrained by the limitations of batteries.
  • Flight duration of over three times that provided by batteries have been achieved and fuel cells provide a natural solution for manufacturers moving to larger drones and heavier payloads.
  • TerraLIX’s air cooled fuel cell stacks run on hydrogen and ambient air to produce clean power in a simple, cost-effective, robust and lightweight package.

Key features

  • Guarantee superior durability and voltage stability 
  • Superior output performance 
  • Securing capacity by simplifying parts and reducing the size and weight  
  • Available continuous operation of 2,000 hours or more 
  • No need to be stored in separate chamber 
  • Implementation of easy water management and internal humidification structure 
  • Supports SD card for internal data storage for firmware update, performance and diagnostics

Application areas

  • Drones, small mobility power supplies(Electric cart, Autonomous Mobile Robotics…) 
  • Mobile electric car charger power supply 
  • Applied to the unmanned aerial vehicles of 25 kg or more 
  • Small generators 
  • Forklifts 
  • Backup power sources 

Product use cases

  • Development and demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell power system for 14-ton-class heavy construction equipment 
  • Development of prototype fuel cell for wind condition measuring instrument power supply 
  • Power packs for drones development 

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions64.1 × 29.2 × 23.7 cm
Type of Fuel Cell

Max Power (in kW)

Max Output Voltage (in V)

Min Output Voltage (in V)

Type of input current

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Operating Altitude (in m)

Type of Cooling

Compliant with


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      Terralix is a company that develops and manufactures fuel cell power modules based on PEMFC. It is focused on the development and commercialisation of its PEM fuel cell technologies for a range of markets including e-mobility, stationary power and UAVs.

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