Etched Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates

  • Burr-free & stress-free process
  • Increased design flexibility and complexity with no incremental cost
  • Different designs can be etched on each side of plate
  • Channel accuracy to ±0.020 mm
  • Multiple channel depths can be routinely achieved
  • Dimensional repeatability
  • Volumes from rapid prototyping to full production.
  • Photochemically etched fuel cell bipolar plates
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Etched fuel cell bipolar plates

  • Elcon offers bipolar flow field plates in a variety of metals with complex and precise liquid and gas flow channels.
  • The photo etching process is a subtractive method that removes metal from both sides of the plates simultaneously, so complex channels of different designs can be etched at the same time.
  • Unlike other processes, chemical etching imparts no mechanical or thermal stress on the plates, both of which can compromise stack bonding and fluid flow.
  • Quick, low-cost digital tooling: We use digital pattern tooling, which is low-cost, quick to produce and can be adapted easily to optimize designs. Because it is optically based, there is no incremental cost with increased design complexity or features.
  • To reduce cost and production time as well as meet design specifications, certain features such as channels can be photochemically etched, while others can be CNC machined in house. If plates need to be stacked together, we offer brazing and bonding services.
  • The geometric complexity and close tolerances offered by our photochemical etching process not only make it a desirable manufacturing method, but in some instances, the only technology suitable for fine featured designs.


  • Removes metal from both sides of the plates simultaneously.
  • Burr-free & stress-free process ensures a flat and smooth surface for stacking.
  • Channel accuracy to ±0.020 mm.
  • Channels can have near vertical walls and flat bottoms with feature sizes determined only by material thickness.
  • Multiple etch levels can be achieved.
  • Low-cost digital tooling can be changed quickly and inexpensively to optimize
  • Increased design flexibility and complexity with no incremental cost.
  • Dimensional repeatability.
  • Volumes from rapid prototyping to full production.

Simplified photochemical etching process

General etching process metal bipolar plates


  • Hydrolyzers
  • Electrolyzers
  • Fuel cell plates

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    Elcon Precision

    Elcon Precision is a precision component manufacturer of many critical components. For over 60 years, we have specialized in photochemical etching, ceramic metallization, and brazed assemblies. For the hydrogen industry, we provide photochemically machined bipolar plates for electrolyzers and fuel cells. Send in your questions and drawings today! Our engineers will work with you to optimize your plate designs and costs to take you from prototype to production volumes.

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