Bipolar Plates with Gasket

by Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG

  • Reliable and highly chemically resistant bipolar plates with gasket
  • Efficient design for effective output
  • Produced by injection molding or hot pressing
  • Customisation possible upon request
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Bipolar Plates with Gasket

  • In the context of the energy transition, fuel cells, redox flow batteries and electrolysers play an important role in the storage or reconversion of renewable energies and thus make a contribution to the CO2 emissions.
  • Essential components of these systems are the bipolar plates and the seals. These are developed and manufactured at Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG according to customer specifications according to the corresponding application.
  • The plate geometries can be introduced directly, or later incorporated into the bipolar plates by means of chipping processes.
  • The seals can be specially manufactured with the help of the existing injection moulding machines or even sprayed directly onto the bipolar plate.

Key features

  • Reliable results
  • Increases efficiency
  • Avoids bubbles
  • Highly chemically resistant
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity


  • NT-PEM fuel cell – BMA5, BMA6, Melange, Melange 6
  • HT-PEM fuel cell – PPS

Application areas

  • HT/NT-PEM fuel cells
  • PEM electrolysis
  • Heat exchanger
  • Redox flow batteries

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      Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG

      Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG is a German company specialized in toolmaking, plastic parts manufacturing, manufacturing of battery and fuel cell parts and manufacturing of rubber and silicon parts. We have almost 75 years of experience. Our headquarters are in Osterode and sales office in Wildau.

      Our customers are in various industries such as automobile, research, plastic, and rubber. We are a ISO9001 and SpaEfV certified company, with renowned customers around the world.

      Eisenhuth is contributing to the hydrogen industry by manufacturing bipolar plates for fuel cells, electrolysers and heat exchangers.

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