RedPrime DC-DC Fuel Cell Converter 40kW, 750V

by Zekalabs Ltd.

  • DC-DC fuel cell converter with 40kW nominal power
  • Max high-side voltage of 750 Vdc
  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Air cooling
  • Multiple communication interfaces
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RedPrime DC-DC Fuel Cell Converter 40kW, 750V

  • RedPrime is a bidirectional 40kW / 750V wall or cabinet mountable DC-DC power converter.
  • As a combined buck/boost air-cooled converter, it can be set up in either charging or discharging mode.
  • RedPrime converter comes with an optional capability to be stacked for achieving higher power with no communication between them.
  • It provides various modes of operation, programmable limitations and additional logic integration possibilities.
  • The fully integrated control, power units and filter bank balances the size and the weight of the installed components.


  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Safety
  • Plug-and-play
  • Extensive user manual
  • Remote diagnostics available
  • User friendly interface
  • Enclosure made with zinc plated steel sheet and powder painted aluminum
  • Several digital and analog inputs and outputs available for additional programming and logic
  • Numerous communication interfaces including Ethernet, RS485 and CANBus and utilizing Modbus
  • Profibus interface is also available optionally using a Zekalabs Tradu Modbus-Profibus converter


  • Fuel cells
  • Electrolyzers

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Weight28.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 35 × 18.6 cm
Nom Power (in kW)

Max Output Voltage (in V)

Min Output Voltage (in V)

Max Input Voltage (in V)

Min Input Voltage (in V)

Max Current (in A)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Max Ambient Humidity (in % r.H.)

Converter Topology


Type of Cooling

Electronic Control Interface

, , , ,

Compliant with

, ,

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

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