EIS Stack Measuring Card PAD4

  • The PAD4 card is used in the fuel cell and electrolyzer stack investigations
  • The PAD4 card expands ZENNIUM potentiostats for simultaneous stack measurements on up to 17 layers
  • Parallel EIS measurements on individual segments in a stack enables highly detailed stack characterization in- our through plane
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EIS Stack Measuring Card PAD4

  • The PAD4 card provides 4 additional voltage input channels which can be used for parallel DC or EIS measurements on segments connected in series.
  • PAD4 card is used in the fuel cell, electrolyzer stack and battery-pack investigations.
  • Parallel EIS measurements on individual segments in a stack enable highly detailed stack characterization.
  • Up to 17 EIS signals can be recorded in a frequency range of 10 µHz to 250 kHz. 18 bit AD converters ensure high-quality EIS data.

Application areas

  • Parallel EIS stack measurements
  • Up to 17 channels for ZENNIUM X
  • Up to 5 channels for ZENNIUM PRO
  • Customizable voltage range for PAD4 channels
  • Incorporated with external potentiostats and electronic loads

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions470 × 160 × 446 cm
EIS frequency



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