Hydrogen Breakaway Coupling TSA1 H₂ with gas recirculation, female thread

by WEH GmbH Gas Technology

  • WEH® hydrogen breakaway coupling with gas recirculation and female thread offer an important added safety factor for hydrogen dispensers
  • Including dispenser mounting and check valve at venting line
  • Installation at the dispenser and no additional tool necessary
  • Integrated cleanable filter (40 micron), optional without filter
  • Re-usable without factory reservicing
  • Small compact design
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Hydrogen breakaway coupling TSA1 H₂ with gas recirculation, female thread

  • The WEH® TSA1 hydrogen breakaway coupling offers additional safety for your car fueling station. The breakaway is installed between the dispenser and the filling hose resp. filling and venting hose.
  • In the event of accidental deployment, e.g. driving a vehicle from the dispenser with the nozzle remaining in the vehicle fuel port, the coupling will separate the connections between dispenser and hose sealing both ends.
  • This protects largely the receptacle, the fueling nozzle and the dispenser against damage. The detached coupling can be easily reattached and placed back in service after having been function tested.
  • The integrated filter provides clean hydrogen and is easy to maintain.
  • The WEH® hydrogen breakaway coupling consists of a coupling body, a receptacle insert and a gas recirculation with check valve.
  • On request WEH also offer complete nozzle-hose-assemblies consisting of a fueling nozzle, a hose set and a breakaway coupling.

Key features

  • Protects the dispenser in case of unintentional separation
  • Reusable without factory repair
  • Small & compact design
  • Easy installation
  • 35 MPa pressure range
  • Service / maintenance directly from the manufacturer
  • Integrated Particle Filter (40 micron) and dispenser mounting
  • Material is corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminium
  • Sealing material is hydrogen compatible
  • Media inlet B1 – UNF 9/16″-18 female thread, 60° cone, MP fitting

Applcation areas

  • Breakaway coupling for H2 car fueling stations for direct installation at the dispenser.

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