Adsorbents for Hydrogen Plant

by Shanghai Hanxing Chemical Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

  • High dynamic absorption capacity, high separation factor, and easy desorption
  • Complete in variety for different feed composition and product quality.
  • Greater abrasion strength and compressive strength and chemical inertness to all the separation gas.
  • With the advanced non-binder and multi-calcinations manufacturing techniques, the adsorbent is much better than the same kind of imported adsorbent in the performance indicators such as bulk density.
  • The adsorbents developed by Hanxing has a 20 years research history and more than 10 years application experience.
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Adsorbents for pressure swing adsorption (PSA) of hydrogen plant

  • Hanxing provides with variety of adsorbents, depending upon the type of application.
  • As the product purity and recovery rate effect by the performance of adsorbent, the adsorbent is the major of technology to ensure the stability of the PSA package in long-term operation.
  • The adsorbents are frequently used in the process of gas purification in PSA are alumina, silica gel, active carbon, molecular sieve and other particular adsorbents.
  • For various gases, the adsorbent has different adsorbability in each type. The dynamic adsorption capacity and desorption ability are different, too.
  • Alumina adsorbent can adsorb H2O considerably and silica gel can adsorb H2O, CO2, heavy-hydrocarbon completely. Active carbon can adsorb and desorb CO2, foreign hydrocarbon matter well, while molecular sieve has extraordinary adsorption and desorption ability for CO, N2 and CH4.
  • The adsorbents picked in the PSA package follow the regulations:
    • Choose the adsorbent with high dynamic adsorption capacity, high separation coefficient and great desorption ability.
    • Choose different types of adsorbent according to the gas component of raw material and product quality index.
    • The adsorbent must have enough wear resistance and compressive strength to ensure the life cycle of the adsorbent.

Key features

  • The SHX adsorbent in each level is researched and produced by Hanxing entirely.
  • SHX-101 is researched and produced by Hanxing entirely. This adsorbent can be regenerated through vacuuming or purging effectively within the ordinary temperature.
  • According to the feedback of large-scale PSA plants, it shows that the adsorbent SHX-101 has high adsorption capacity to H2O. The adsorbent is very strength and stability. Therefore it is best to remove moisture if it is loaded at the bottom of adsorbers.
  • SHX-201 is also researched and produced by Hanxing entirely. It has particular adsorption and regeneration capacity to H2O and heavy hydrocarbons, which can reduce the death-space in each state and improves the recovery rate for product gas.
  • For SHX-302, the activation condition is improved by adding the pickling process. The density of ash is reduced greatly and the micropores can act more effectively. The improvement results in the capacity of adsorption and desorption can be retained stably in a long life cycle.
  • The SHX-402 adsorbent has high accuracy in desorbing hydrocarbon and guarantees the quality of the product.

Application areas

  • H2 purification by pressure swing adsorption

Project examples

  • Philippines, 1000 Nm3/H PSA hydrogen purification unit
  • Zhenjiang, China, 3300 Nm3/h hydrogen plant
  • India, 2000 Nm3/h hydrogen plant
  • Beijing, China, 80000 Nm3/h hydrogen purification unit

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