Hyfindr Tech Talks for Engineers

We are producting high-quality tech talks to explain the technology that makes the hydrogen economy work

Hydrogen Technology explained for Engineers

Hyfindr is driven to support the hydrogen economy with the knowledge needed to build the hydrogen economy. With our Hyfindr Tech Talks with have designed a video format for engineers to learn the technology.

Hydrogen technology explained is the purpose of each engineering video.

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Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Learn about the instrumentation, measurement technology and sensors used in a hydrogen refueling station. Watch the Hyfindr Tech Talk between Cristian Wirl of the company WIKA and Steven Oji of Hyfindr to deep-dive into the technology that make the hydrogen fuel cell technology work – engineering explained at its best. he hydrogen economy is growing globally and hydrogen refuelling stations are an important element to ensure a hydrogen mobility.

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Hyfindr Tech Talk #2 SOFC Heat Exchangers

Learn about the use of plate heat exchangers for SOFC/SOEC technology. The solid oxide fuel cell stacks are combined with heat exchangers to manage temperatures of up to 700 °C. Stephan of smk explains the gas flows in a diagram and dives deep into the engineering.

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Tech Talk - Fuel Cell Inverters - Hydrogen Technology Explained

Learn about the use of fuel cell inverters in the hydrogen economy, how such electric motore controllers are working and what is needed to design and test them. Jon Duroudier of EPowerlabs explains in detail how the traction inverter interacts with the battery and the electric motore.

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Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Forming

Learn about the production of fuel cell bipolar plates, which are used for fuel cells and electrolysers. Cellform is an expert in forming of bipolar plates.

Watch Hyfindr Tech Talk #4

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