Hyfindr Tech Talk # 29 – Bipolar Plates Leak Testing – Fuel Cell Technology Explained

Bipolar Plates leak testing- Daniel- MACEAS

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing about the about the concept of Bipolar Plate Leak Testing with Daniel Schönbohn, Head of Sales at MACEAS.

Learn about bipolar plates leak testing

Steven Oji and Daniel Schönbohn discuss the intricacies of leak testing bipolar plates for fuel cells and electrolyzers. Leak testing is a crucial quality assurance step, ensuring the gas tightness of plates after manufacturing.

The process employs helium as a tracer gas due to its lightness and inertness. Testing is carried out in a vacuum chamber equipped with a mass spectrometer to detect helium atoms escaping through leaks. Technicalities of the double-station machine used for testing, which can handle four bipolar plates simultaneously are shared.

The machines have different cost factors involved, including equipment like vacuum pumps and the mass spectrometer, as well as helium consumption. There is the possibility of automation to minimize labor costs.

The conversation touches on the significance of leak testing in ensuring the reliability and longevity of fuel cells and electrolyzers, both pivotal components of the hydrogen economy. With advancements in automation and technology, cycle times are expected to decrease, enhancing efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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