Hyfindr Tech Talk # 23 – Type 3 Hydrogen Tanks – Design Process – Hydrogen Technology Explained

Type 3 hydrogen tanks - Tech Talks- AST Hyfindr

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing about the different types of tanks used in the market with Siegfried Rivalta, Director of Business development at Advanced Structural Technologies.

Learn about type 3 hydrogen tanks and their manufacturing


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Steven Oji discusses with Siegfried Rivalta about the different types of tanks used in the market, with Type 3 tanks being one of the best in terms of filling rates. The type 3 tanks, which have aluminum liners bound with high-strength carbon fiber have the best filling rates due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, which aids in dissipating heat during the filling process. This allows for a larger gas capacity and a greater range for vehicles. Additionally, the metal liner of Type 3 tanks prevents bottle-like behavior, enabling the complete emptying of the tank during defueling.

The manufacturing process for Type 3 tanks involves forging aluminum tubes, spin forming, flow forming, heat treatment, and machining. The tanks are then wrapped with carbon fiber using a wet process. The tanks undergo autofrettage and hydrostatic testing to ensure their integrity and performance.

In the filling process the heat generated by gas molecules colliding during filling is efficiently dissipated by the aluminum liner, resulting in a better fill compared to composite tanks. The defueling process is also highlighted, as Type 3 tanks can be completely emptied without leaving pressure inside, ensuring the liner’s stability.

The certifications mention that Type 3 tanks now adhere to more international standards, leaning towards ISO specifications. Third-party monitoring and testing are required for certification.

The applications of Type 3 tanks are primarily in storage, transport, and fleet operations. Type 3 tanks are favored for transportation due to their fast charging and complete discharge capabilities.

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