Hyfindr Tech Talk # 26 – Plate Heat Exchangers for Hydrogen – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Explained

Plate heat exchanger for HYdrogen - Hyfindr Tech Talk

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing about the about plate heat ecxchanger and their working in the hydrogen economy with Georg Wörner, Business Development Manager at Alfa Laval Mid Europe

Learn about plate heat exchangers for hydrogen

Steven Oji and Georg Wörner discusses about the importance of plate heat exchangers in the hydrogen economy. The conversation revolves around the significance of heat exchangers in driving the hydrogen economy and enabling efficient energy transfer.

Heat exchangers are devices used to exchange heat between two media, such as liquids or gases, without mixing them. He showcases a brazed plate heat exchanger, featuring stainless steel plates and copper brazing, designed for gas-to-liquid applications.

The plate stack design, with alternating hot and cold channels, facilitates heat exchange while preventing media mixing. They explore different types of heat exchangers, including gasket plate, semi-welded, and fusion bonded variations, each catering to specific applications and pressure requirements.

Plate heat exchangers have various applications in the hydrogen economy including electrolyzers, where stack cooling using fusion bonded heat exchangers enhances efficiency. The use of heat exchangers in fresh water generators, fuel cells, and refueling stations, where they compress and cool hydrogen is deeply discussed.

The standard heat exchangers are cost-effective and can achieve up to 99% efficiency in transferring energy. He emphasizes the importance of efficient channel design in maximizing performance. The development of heat exchangers for emerging hydrogen applications, such as solid oxide fuel cells and the reforming processes.

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