Hyfindr Tech Talk # 19 – Hydrogen Tank Systems – H2 refueling – Fuel Cell Technology Explained

Hydrogen tank systems - h2 refueling - tech talks

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing about hydrogen tank systems with Jan Andreas, Managing Director at Argo Anleg.

Learn about hydrogen tank systems

Steven Oji discusses with Jan Andreas about various aspects of tank systems for hydrogen storage and usage. The basic component of a tank system is the on-tank valve (OTV), which allows for the disconnection of hydrogen supply, opening and closing of the hydrogen circuit, and includes safety features such as pressure and temperature sensors. The tank system also includes a thermal pressure relief device (TPRD) for longer tanks, ensuring the tank is emptied in case of a fire before it is destroyed..

Illustration of different applications of tank systems, such as in passenger cars, mid-sized buses, trucks, and even maritime vessels. For example, passenger cars typically require 4-6 kilograms of hydrogen, while 40-ton trucks may need around 40-60 kilograms. An exciting project involving an electric push boat powered solely by fuel cells and batteries carry 700 kilograms of hydrogen in specially designed cartridges, providing a fully decarbonized alternative to traditional diesel engines.

Typically, tanks are placed behind the cabin of a truck, with batteries positioned upfront to balance the vehicle’s weight. However, alternative configurations are such as placing tanks between the wheels, which is more common in the US due to regulations allowing longer trucks.

There are ISO standards for refueling procedures, and currently, refueling up to 10 kilograms of hydrogen is well regulated. For larger quantities, the procedures are still being validated. A challenge during refueling, which is the heating of hydrogen that occurs when it is compressed. To prevent overheating, hydrogen is cooled down up to -40°C during the refueling process for 700-bar applications.

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