Hyfindr Tech Talk # 12 – Fuel Cell DC-DC Converter – Hydrogen Technology Explained

fuel cell DC-DC converter

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing the importance and future of the DC-DC converter for fuel cell technology with Thomas Vetter, Co-Founder of Aradex.

Learn about the use and design of fuel cell DC-DC converters

Steven discusses with Thomas about the use of DC/DC converters in fuel cell systems. Thomas explained that while AC grids typically use a transformer to adjust voltage levels, DC voltage from fuel cells cannot be transformed in the same way. Instead, DC/DC converters are used to shift voltage up or down to the necessary levels.

The trend of the market is explained that as battery voltage requirements increase, there is a trend in the market towards higher voltage levels. This is due to the fact that higher voltage reduces the need for large, heavy cables, which are costly to manufacture and difficult to maneuver. For example, trucks require large, thick cables for a 600 V battery, while an 850 V battery would require much smaller cables.

The challenges of increasing step-up ratios in DC-DC converters, as the incoming voltage from fuel cells decreases while target voltage increases are also deeply discussed. This requires a higher step-up ratio, but the size of the converter cannot increase. In the end, the future of DC-DC converters in the fuel cell industry is discussed, and how it will integrate with fuel cell and change the approach of innovation in this industry.

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