Hyfindr Tech Talk # 9 – Hydrogen Powered Portable EV Charging – Hydrogen Technology Explained

Hydrogen Powered Portable EV Charging

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing the innovative solutions for hydrogen, battery, and charging development with Jiří Vršínský, Developer of DEVINN.

Learn about the use of semi-autonomous hydrogen powered portable electric vehicle chargers

Steven discusses with Jiří about the technology that makes the hydrogen economy work focusing on the semi-autonomous hydrogen powered portable EV charging and the innovative solutions. Jiří explains that while most people use stationary charging stations connected to the AC grid, there are use cases where mobile charging solutions can be used, such as in blind spots where there are no charging stations, or in remote locations where a normal charging station is not available.

Electric vehicles can be charged by connecting AC power, which is then converted to DC by the vehicle and used to charge the battery. In most cases today, DC power is connected to the CCS circuit in the vehicle, which is the standard every electric vehicle uses right now. There is also a communication interface between the vehicle and the charging station, which tells the vehicle how much power, current, and voltage the charger can provide. The vehicle then tells the charging station how much power, current, and voltage it requires. Power electronics are used to convert AC or DC power to the power required by the vehicle, which can be an AC-DC converter or a DC-DC converter.

The vehicle is charged with hydrogen, a fuel cell is added, and a DC-DC converter is used to control the fuel cell. A battery is also involved in this process to take care of the peaks and provide a buffer for sudden stops in the charging session. The power management system used in charging stations takes care of the battery SOC, vehicle SOC, DC-DC conversions, fuel cell, hydrogen storage, and other components.

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