Hyfindr Tech Talk # 11 – Cathode Air Blower – Air Compressor – Fuel Cell Technology

marc- Cathode Air Blower - Air Compressor - Fuel Cell Technology

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing the difference between blowers and compressors with Marc Franzbäcker, Product Manager of Becker.

Learn about the cathode air blowers for stationary fuel cells

Steven discusses with Marc about the second generation of small side channel blowers that can be used as a cathode blower for stationary fuel cells, which is small, modular, contactless, oil-free, and frequency controlled, and can even replace mass flow meters in the fuel cell. The compressor’s main purpose is to compress air, while the blower creates a certain flow. Both terms are used interchangeably for side channel or turbo blowers or compressors.

There are different kinds of air blowers for the cathode side, including a claw compressor, which generates a certain flow or compression by having two rotating claws. The second possibility is a turbo blower that generates a certain pressure level depending on the diameter of the pump and speed, while the third possibility is a side channel blower. The side channel blower has blades on the impeller that generate a pressure used on the cathode side of a fuel cell.

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