Hyfindr Tech Talk # 7 – Hydrogen Moisture Transmitters and Binary Gas Analyzers explained

moisture transmitters, binary gas analyzers and oxygen analyzer

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing the importance of gas purity and moisture in the hydrogen economy with Aleksandar Trajanovski, Global Product Manager – Oxygen & Gas Analyzers of Panametrics.

Learn about the moisture transmitters, binary gas analyzers and oxygen analyzer

Steven discusses with Aleksandar about the importance of gas purity and moisture in the hydrogen economy. He presents three products: a binary gas analyzer, a moisture transmitter, and an oxygen analyzer. These products contribute to process efficiency and final product quality in hydrogen production through electrolysis. To prevent a crossover of gases, which can result in an explosive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, the binary gas analyzer is used to measure the percent-level concentrations of one gas in other gases.

The moisture transmitter and oxygen analyzer measure gas purity to ensure the final product meets specific specifications. The moisture transmitter measures very low moisture content, which is one of the impurities allowed up to a certain concentration. Meanwhile, the oxygen analyzer measures oxygen concentrations in different ranges and gases. By measuring oxygen in the hydrogen output before the dryer, specifications can be set up to achieve the final product quality.

The binary gas analyzer is used to ensure the impurities, including moisture and oxygen, are within the allowed concentration levels. The binary gas analyzer uses thermal conductivity to measure gas content. The measurement cell contains a reference chamber that is closed and a flow-through chamber that allows gas to pass through. Inside the flow-through chamber are two heating elements, and if the gas contains higher thermal conductivity than the gas in the reference chamber, one of the heating elements will absorb more heat, and the other heating element will absorb less heat. This difference is measured and converted to gas concentration.

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