Hyfindr Tech Talk # 10 – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Filters – Adsobants – Tech Engineering Explained

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Filters - Adsobants - Tech Engineering Explained

In this tech talk, Steven had the pleasure of discussing the importance of filters in the hydrogen economy with Dominik Bauer, Territory Manager of Solberg.

Learn about the technology behind the hydrogen fuel cell filters and cathode filter


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Steven discusses with Dominik about how a filter works to protect equipment and the environment, by trapping invisible particles, liquids and oil mist in the air. He then went on to explain how a fuel cell system works and the importance of filtering the oxygen taken from the ambient air. Dominik highlighted the need to remove particles which could block airflow and reduce oxygen intake, as well as harmful gases which could damage the fuel cell. Dominik then went on to explain the different materials used to filter the air, such as polyester for particles and activated carbon for harmful gases. He described the impact of sulphur dioxide on the fuel cell voltage, and how ammonia and nitrogen dioxide can poison the catalyst and damage the membrane. Dominik then discussed the importance of choosing a filter based on its filtration area and efficiency, as well as the inner surface area of the activated carbon. He explains the different types of filters.

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