Houston, we don’t have a problem! Hyfindr is looking forward to the Hydrogen Expo in Houston 2023

Hyfindr at Hydrogen Expo North Amercia in Houston

The Hydrogen Expo in Bremen was great, and Houston will potentially be even better!

Whenever you step out of your comfort zone, a new world unfolds.

That is what the Hyfindr team experienced at the hydrogen technology expo Europe in Bremen. It was the first expo where we had our own booth. That might not be a big deal for many bigger companies, for us it was new. We do not yet have an “Event Manager”, our MD, Steven Oji, stepped up and organized the event for Hyfindr. 200 emails, relentless calls, and lots of ideas & discussions in the team, but it was worth it!

The reward: trustful dialogs with existing and new customers

We had four targets at the hydrogen expo

a) Explaining Hyfindr.com, the B2B marketplace for the hydrogen economy

Not everybody is a digital native, which is why we used the hydrogen expo in Bremen to explain a digital marketplace. Every professional who took the time to listen to our approach gave us credits for building it in the last three years. We in the meantime have more than 90 registered vendors showcasing hundreds of products and services. Thousands of professionals are visiting Hyfindr.com every week to find hydrogen systems, components, equipment, and services for the hydrogen economy. We are growing fast, more than 10 % every month! Many new companies will onboard very soon, and this will further increase the value proposition of our B2B marketplace. Registration is possible here.

b) Introducing the Hyfindr Tech Community, the new digital discussion layer for the global hydrogen economy

While each of the more than 6000 visitors at the hydrogen expo was delighted to meet and greet other professionals personally, those who saw the digital Hyfindr Tech Community immediately got the message. Each industry has its digital Q&A forum to globally connect and solve issues. The Q&A forum Stack Overflow is visited more than 100 million times every month and helps software engineers globally to solve issues when coding. Hyfindr is driven to help the global hydrogen economy with digital tools. We do not target to make profits with this community; we simply believe that the hydrogen economy has enough marketing channels already but is missing a digital discussion layer like stack overflow to connect on tech problems, pertinent topics and solutions . We are now building it, and the reception in the last month was exceptional. Students, professors, developers, and other experienced professionals are joining. We are in the process of kickstarting the community – last month we doubled the number of members. If you want to see the hydrogen economy grow – engage and join the Hyfindr Tech Community today. Register here.

c) Presenting selected products of our partners

The Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen nearly tripled in size in one year thanks to the great work of Trans Global Events. More than 300 companies were exhibiting and presented their offerings. Impressive. We took the liberty to present the products of MANN+HUMMEL, Eberspächer Vairex and ARADEX at our booth. Many customers were interested in the technology.

d) Getting customer feedback and ideas

Every visitor at our booth was special and had different interests and ideas. It was great to talk to so many professionals and to listen deeply. Hyfindr is serving its customers and treats feedback as a gift. When someone takes the time to help you improve and get better this deserves a very clear THANK YOU. One of the requests we have received is that we should add a filtering of products and companies by country. We are working on that now.

The Hydrogen Technology Expo

Europe in Bremen was special …

The Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen grew in only two years into one of the largest hydrogen tradeshows in Europe. This is solely the result of the passion and dedication of the Team of Trans Global Events. We have the privilege to work a bit closer with them because we found that Hyfindr and Trans Global Events have a good overlap in their visions. We both want to help the global hydrogen economy connect and hereby grow better and faster, we at Hyfindr are doing this digitally with our B2B marketplace and the Hyfindr Tech Community globally and 24/7 and Trans Global Events is doing that through its high-quality events and conferences on several continents.

and Houston will potentially even be better …

Hyfindr currently has its main customer base in Europe, but we want to further scale-up globally. The Hydrogen Technology Expo North America in Houston will be a great platform for exactly this. We decided to present Hyfindr and its offers to the Hydrogen Economy with a booth at this exhibition and we recommend the same to other companies in the hydrogen economy.

Our conclusion – Let us all meet in Houston!


For more information visit the event website of the Hydrogen Technology Expo North America Houston!

But – you can alos contact us now! Click here to get in contact with Hyfindr.

About Hyfindr

Hyfindr.com is the rapidly growing B2B marketplace for the hydrogen economy. More than 90 known brands are already presenting their products globally. Engineers and purchasing professionals can find fitting components and systems with ease.

Last Update: 17.11.2022

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