Hyfindr.com is now backed by Google for Startups

Hyfindr Backed by Google for Startups

We are excited to announce that Hyfindr.com is now officially backed by Google as a recipient of its Google For Startups Black Founders Fund in Europe. More than 700 companies applied for the program. Hyfindr, lead by its founding team Steven Oji and Dr. Björn Lüssow, is extremely thrilled to be part of the 40 selected companies.

See the full list of companies that became part of Google for Startups here.

The engagement of Google is a major boost in Hyfindr’s mission to bring transparency to the hydrogen economy!

About Google for Startups

The Google for Startups program provides ongoing mentorship and support through Google, a non-dilutive financial award, google cloud credits to help expand and build our technology and access to a great network of founders and experts curated by Google.

About Hyfindr

Hyfindr.com is the rapidly growing B2B marketplace for the hydrogen economy. More than 70 known brands are already presenting their products globally. Engineers and purchasing professionals can find fitting components and systems with ease.

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