10 Key Benefits of the B2B Marketplace hyfindr.com for Hydrogen Systems and Fuel Cell Components

10 benefits of Hyfindr.com

Our B2B marketplace is designed to accelerate growth of the global hydrogen economy with the transparency it offers! Learn about the 10 key benefits it offers

Benefits for companies offering hydrogen systems, components or services:

  1. New sales leads generated with no efforts
  2. Reduced costs per lead as Hyfindr generate high quality sales leads – customers only contact vendors after having compare the products to other rproducts
  3. Brand marketing – we let you company and products shine bright globally
  4. Avoiding the worst case – i.e. not even being asked to pitch components prior to an important design freeze of a fuel cell system manufacturer
  5. Benchmarking with the competing products and services

Benefits for developers and purchasing professionals in the hydrogen economy:

  1. Find potentially fitting hydrogen system and components with ease
  2. View hydrogen systems, components and services with high quality pictures, detailed information and technical specifications
  3. Compare products based on technical specifications
  4. Contract vendors directly via contact forms
  5. Request a quote with few clicks

 Hyfindr.com is creating a win-win situation for many market participants. The value it brings is dependent on its coverage. We are committed to continue its scaling globally.

Dr. Björn Lüssow

Hyfindr encourages companies with reliable products or services for the fuel cell and hydrogen industry to consider a registration at hyfindr.com. We currently offer a free listing period of six month!

Let’s build the hydrogen economy together!

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