Transparency will boost the Hydrogen Economy

Everybody is calling for public funding to enable scaling up the hydrogen economy. Without doubt, regional and national funding programs are activating the market. One key element of a vibrant market has been overlooked in the past – transparency!

Currently transparency is missing regarding

  • H2 price
  • price of H2 transportation
  • components available for hydrogen system
  • price of components
  • hydrogen systems
  • price of hydrogen systems

Project developers cannot calculate a business case easily because they do not know the costs associated.

It is painful for fuel cell system designers to develop a fuel cell system because it is not clear which components are available and which technical specifications such components have.

We cannot solve the entire transparency gap but we decided to tackle one problem – finding hydrogen systems and components. will provide transparency in seconds. Select the technical specifications that frame your use and find potentially fitting components with a click.

We are ramping up the Hyfindr marketplace – explore and find out more about exiting business opportunities for suppliers and buyers of hydrogen systems and components.

Dr. Björn Lüssow, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Hyfindr GmbH

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